1. Objectives

ATS Seniors supports the objectives of ATS through its activities by using the experience of its members. The group acts also as a link between its members passing information of the current occurrences in the field.

ATS Seniors pursues to promote common knowledge of the issues related to nuclear technology and nuclear power technology, secure transfer of knowledge between generations inside the field, participate in public discussion concerning the field and support the use of nuclear power in the country. The group participates in international cooperation when needed.


2. Membership and connections to ATS

All retired members of ATS can join ATS Seniors by informing the secretary of ATS.

ATS Seniors is working within the framework of ATS, which means that its activities are presented in the action plan, budget and action report of ATS. The convenor of ATS Seniors is invited to the steering committee of ATS to report on the activities of the group.

ATS Seniors decides on its own working methods and annual action plans and arranges its events autonomously, however, with the assistance of ATS functionaries when needed.

Information services of ATS Seniors take place through ATS channels, like news bulletin. The secretary of ATS keeps up membership list and takes care of membership communication, primarily by means of e-mails.


3. Working methods

The activities of ATS Seniors are focused on the following main issues:

  • Knowledge transfer: Passing on tacit knowledge between generations.
  • Influencing: Promoting nuclear technology and nuclear power technology independently of the actors in the field.
  • Passing information: Maintaining and developing of knowledge of group members.

In order to organise the activity in practice, topical working groups are formed, being responsible for their own field. The working groups will specify their own working methods. Concrete methods may include, for instance, articles in publications, lectures, participation in various events, visits in organisations in the field and participation in the compilation of information material.

ATS Seniors arranges member events.


4. Organisation

ATS steering committee appoints the convenor of ATS Seniors who gathers a coordination group for ATS Seniors. The coordination group directs the activities of ATS Seniors. The coordination group forms necessary topical working groups. The topical working groups report to the coordination group.


5. Financing

The functioning of ATS Seniors is based on voluntary fellowship activities of its members. Remunerations are not paid as a rule, and they will follow the guidelines set by steering committee. ATS Seniors is not collecting membership fees from its members. ATS Seniors endeavours to receive financial support for information, travelling etc. expenses from ATS.