ATS Young Generation (YG) is a working group operating within ATS. ATS YG organizes activities for young people (under 38 years of age) who are interested in the nuclear field.

Young Generation activities in Finland were launched in 1998 by ATS. Some of the important goals of the YG activities are to ensure the knowledge transfer between the generations and to promote networking between young people.

The purpose of the YG activity is to gather together the young professionals working, studying or otherwise interested in the field of nuclear energy. All ATS members of eligible age automatically belong to the Young Generation.

In order to fulfill its function, YG organizes seminars, excursions and meetings. Purpose of the activities is to motivate, educate and unite the young professionals and to ensure continuation of the nuclear field in Finland. The YG activities are coordinated by contact persons from different organizations.

ATS YG works in close co-operation with ATS and ENS Young Generation Network. ATS YG participates also in the International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC) organization activities.