Board and Functionaries

The board of the Finnish Nuclear Society comprises the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and from three to five other members. The members of the board are elected in the annual general meeting of the society. The board executes the decisions of the general meetings, is responsible for the finances of the society and generally manages the affairs of the society.

There are also several functionaries assisting the board.

Board of ATS 2021

Markus Airila
  • Markus Airila
  • President
  • puheenjohtaja(at)
Lauri Rintala
  • Lauri Rintala
  • Vice President
Jussi Peltonen
  • Jussi Peltonen
  • Secretary
  • sihteeri(at)
Maria Lindholm
  • Maria Lindholm
  • Treasurer
  • rahastonhoitaja(at)
Simo Saarinen
  • Simo Saarinen
  • Board Member
Tuomo Huttunen 
  • Tuomo Huttunen
  • Board Member
Olli Nevander
  • Olli Nevander
  • Board Member
Ana Jambrina
  • Ana Jambrina
  • Board Member


Functionaries of ATS 2021

Pekka Pihlanko
  • Pekka Pihlanko
  • President of ATS YG
  • atsyg-puheenjohtaja(at)
Eveliina Muuri
  • Eveliina Muuri
  • President of Women in Nuclear Finland
  • win-finland(at)
Juha-Pekka Hyvärinen
  • Juha-Pekka Hyvärinen
  • Webmaster
  • webmaster(at)
Henri Ormus
  • Henri Ormus
  • Secretary of International Affairs
  • internationalaffairs(at)
Eero Patrakka
  • Eero Patrakka
  • Convener of ATS Seniors
  • seniorit(at)
Jarmo Ala-Heikkilä
  • Jarmo Ala-Heikkilä
  • Editor-in-Chief of ATS Ydintekniikka
  • paatoimittaja(at)