Conference management tool ConfTool is used to handle submissions of authors/presenters to the SYP conference. All authors/presenters are required to register and submit their Tier 1 paper or Tier 2 abstract (see below for Guidelines) through the tool.

NOTE: Registration to ConfTool does not count as registration to the conference itself. All authors/presenters are additionally required to register to the conference using a separate form, see Registration for details.

NOTE2: Presentations to the conference will not be submitted through ConfTool. More information on presentations will be provided by e-mail before the conference.

Use the following link to register and log-in to ConfTool: CLICK TO REGISTER AND TO SUBMIT PAPER/ABSTRACT

NOTE3: If logging to ConfTool does not work, please send your contribution to both the LOC chair (taina.kurki-suonio(at) and secretary (susanna.salminen-paatero(at) 


The general topics cover all fields of nuclear science and technology. Author contributions  are divided in two tiers, depending on the technical content, target audience and the level of authors' involvement. The selection of the most suitable tier is left for the author, but some general guidelines are provided below.

Tier 1

  • Technical / scientific topics introducing new and significant work
  • Submission of a short paper (max 4 pages) + an oral presentation at the conference
  • Contributions accepted based on a light peer-review process done on the submitted short paper
  • Accepted papers are published on-line
  • Submission of papers:
    • Short papers are submitted to Conftool (link provided above).
    • The authors are requested to use a template provided here (also found in Downloadable Content):TEMPLATE FOR TIER 1 SHORT PAPER
  • Example topics:
    • Nuclear beyond electricity
      • Hydrogen
      • Heat
      • Desalination
      • Medical
      • Accelerator applications
    • Nuclear power plant analysis
      • Fission reactor analysis
      • Thermal hydraulics
      • Automation and system analysis
      • Probabilistic risk analysis
      • Severe accidents
    • Nuclear materials, fuel and chemistry
    • Nuclear and radioactive waste management
    • Nuclear fusion technology

Tier 2

  • Reserved for less technical presentations directed towards wider audience
  • Oral presentation at the conference, no paper
  • Contributions accepted and selected based on one-page abstracts (used for review only, max one page)
  • Presentations are published on-line
  • Submission of abstracts:  
    • Abstracts are written directly in a text box in Conftool.
    • It is advised to write the abstract first in a text editor (e.g. MS Word) and then copy-paste it to the text box in Conftool.
  • Example topics:
    • Nuclear for sustainable energy mix
    • Lifecycle
      • Licensing and construction
      • Commisioning and operation
      • Decommissioning
    • Society
      • Education, training and infrastructures
      • Communication and public relations

Deadlines for paper/abstract submissions (tentative)

15.6.2022 Deadline for submission of Tier 1 short papers
31.8.2022 Deadline for submission of Tier 2 abstracts

 The submission of papers starts (ConfTool registration is opened) on 1st of April 2022.


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