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VTT:n tutkija Ville Sahlberg kertomassa eri maissa käynnissä olevista pienreaktorihankkeista.


(Teksti ja kuva: Antti Räty)

Tiistaina 27.8. pidettiin jäsentilaisuus aiheella ”Kaukolämpöreaktorikonseptit”. Mediassakin paljon esillä ollut aihe keräsi yleisöksi Tieteiden taloon peräti 108 jäsentä.

The traditional ATS-YG Summer Symposium gathered almost 130 young nuclear professionals and summer trainees to Poliisien kesäkoti in Lauttasaari. The event was organized by Fennovoima. This years’ seminar topics were FH1 Project Update and Topical Issues, OL3 and Other News From TVO and The Future of Nuclear in Finland and the Role of Passive Safety Therein.

After the seminar, participants had the opportunity to network in nuclear related group activities. The winning organization, calculated from points of all groups, was Fortum Loviisa.

Read more from ATS Ydintekniikka later this year!

Tiistaina 21.5. pidettiin jäsentilaisuus aiheella ”Ydinenergiatutkimus Cadarachen tutkimuskeskuksessa”. Aihe valikoitui, koska ATS seniorit vierailivat paikalla huhtikuussa ja alueella on kaksi suurta alan tutkimuksenlaitoksen rakennusprojektia: ITER-fuusioreaktori ja JHR-tutkimusreaktori. Tilaisuuteen osallistui 49 seuran jäsentä.

More than 40 nuclear associations representing over 80,000 scientists have called on the Clean Energy Ministerial Conference (CEM) which will be held in Vancouver later this month to commit to doubling public investment in nuclear-related R&D and innovation within the next five years. The associations said there should be a specific focus on innovative applications of advanced nuclear systems which can make possible the clean energy mix of the future.

PIME 2019 - 12&13 June - Paris
A new ambition for nuclear communications

PIME is THE annual gathering point for professional nuclear communicators from around the world. This year, PIME will be reinventing itself, with a new ambition, and a new format.

The nuclear industry is facing an unprecedented communication challenge at a time when the world is facing the unprecedented challenge of climate change. However, over the years, the recognition of environmental benefits from nuclear power has remained a challenge. What can we do to change that? How can we not only put nuclear back on the map but also make it desirable and relevant? How can we change the stereotype of nuclear as on its way out, and showcase its innovative aspects, making it clear that nuclear is part of a green future?

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