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Koronavirusepidemiasta johtuen Suomen Atomiteknillisen Seuran vuosikokous järjestettiin poikkeuksellisesti ainoastaan etäyhteydellä maaliskuun 18. päivänä. Vuosikokouksen osallistujia kirjattiin 16 henkeä, mutta pelkästään puhelimitse osallistuneiden määrää ei voitu varmentaa.

New Date - New Opportunities

We hope you stay safe and well, wherever you are in this world.

Today would have been the first day of our originally scheduled RRFM 2020 conference and we very much regret that we cannot meet in Helsinki now. At the same time we would like to look ahead and organise a get-together of the international research reactor community later this year. We therefore worked with all partners and we have the pleasure informing you that RRFM 2020 will be organised from 11. – 15. October 2020 in Helsinki, Finland.

And while the current crisis brings a lot of challenges, this unusual autumn schedule of RRFM also opens the opportunity for an exceptional get-together of the international research reactor community. We are working with our partners worldwide to bring together different parts of the community at an event that offers enriched knowledge exchange and networking opportunities.

All currently accepted authors will have the opportunity to update and amend their contributions to include new findings and developments. In addition, we will invite some new authors to present their projects and share their knowledge with us. We will start this process as of June.

We are pleased that we are able to postpone to October when we are hopeful that the threat of Covid19 will have significantly rescinded.

We look forward to welcoming you to RRFM in October and wish you, your business colleagues, your communities and your families good wishes and resilience in the months to come.


European Nuclear Society



Aprosia edeltävä simulaattori vuodelta 1978 ja Fortumin Apros-koulutussimulaattori vuodelta 2019.

Tiistaina 5.2. pidettiin jäsentilaisuus aiheella ”Apros-voimalaitossimulaattori”. Aihe ei uusi, mutta tekniikka kehittyy nopeasti ja edellisestä esittelystä ATS:n tilaisuuksissa todettiin olleen jo lähes kymmenen vuotta. Tieteiden talossa järjestettyyn jäsentilaisuuteen ilmoittautui 63 henkeä.

In their latest position paper, the ENS High Scientific Council reiterates the urgency of climate change and how decarbonising electricity generation (with the aid of nuclear power) will help meet Paris Agreement targets.

They express their concern that not enough is being done fast enough, and Governments are still much too slow in implementing important measures that are needed to reach these vital targets.
Read the full paper HERE.

Kaikki mukaan! Hyvä mahdollisuus osallistua kansainväliseen tutkimusreaktorikonferenssiin RRFM 2020, joka tällä kertaa järjestetään täällä Helsingissä 22-26-3.2020.


Call for Papers
In 2020 the European Research Reactor Conference, RRFM, will go to Helsinki with lots of interesting insights and visits to VTT's facilities and Olkiluoto. So, mark your diary for Helsinki, Finland from 22. - 26. March 2020! This conference is meant to include research reactors of all powers as well as critical and sub-critical facilities.
In preparing the conference, the RRFM 2020 Programme Committee is now calling for both oral and poster presentations regarding:
• Research reactor nuclear fuel cycle from front-end to back-end
• Utilisation of research reactors
• Innovative methods in reactor physics and thermo-hydraulics
• New research reactor projects
• Research reactor operation & maintenance and ageing
• Research reactor safety and security
• Decommissioning and dismantling of research reactors and waste management

Mark your diaries and be a part of it! Upload your abstracts before 23 November 2019.
Download the RRFM 2020 Call for Papers.