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The present situation of nuclear energy in Europe asks for a continuing effort in the field of Education and Training (E&T) aimed to assure qualified workforce in the next decades.

The main aim of the ANNETTE project (Advanced Networking for Nuclear Education, Training and Transfer of Expertise) is to consolidate and better exploit the achievements already reached in the past and to tackle the present challenges in preparing the European workforce in the different nuclear areas, with special attention to continuous professional development, life-long learning and cross border mobility.


The ANNETTE consortium is committed to perform coordination and support actions coherent with the SET Plan Roadmap for E&T for the nuclear sector, tightening the links between the areas of nuclear safety/engineering, radiation protection, waste management and geological disposal at the same time, by better coordinating their contributions in the E&T fields. The transition from science to technology occurring in the fusion research environment justifies an additional effort to tighten the links with FuseNet, thus integrating the E&T effort on the fission side with common actions related to fusion.

This project receives funding from the EURATOM Research and Training programme under grant agreement N° 661910.