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Finnish Nuclear Society's mothersociety, European Nuclear Society, is organizing European Research Reactor Conference (RRFM) 2018.

Call for Papers is now OPEN!

RRFM 2018: 11 - 15 March 2018, Munich, Germany

The RRFM 2018 Programme Committee is calling for both oral and poster presentations regarding:

  • Research reactor nuclear fuel cycle from front-end to back-end- conversion to LEU fuels; fissile material supply; fresh fuel and targets: origin, fuel development, qualification, fabrication; in-core fuel management and safety; fuel transportation; fuel and reactor licensing; fuel back-end management including reprocessing, spent fuel storage, corrosion and degradation; fuel cycle economics.

  • Low power research reactors, critical and subcritical assemblies – utilisation, research, education and training programmes, core conversion, licensing, new projects.

  • Utilisation of research reactors – nuclear science and technology including support for nuclear power programmes; E&T; neutron beam applications; industrial and medical applications, including radio-isotopes production and irradiation/transmutation technology; research reactor networks and coalitions; strategic and business plans.

  • Innovative methods in reactor physics and thermo-hydraulics – development and application of advanced computational methods and tools for core load management (operational and safety analysis, and fuel cycle physics); benchmark exercises; nuclear data improvements.

  • New research reactor projects - national/regional plans or construction updates of new research reactors; lessons learned from new research reactor projects – design, construction and start of operation; development of national infrastructures; design for decommissioning.

  • Research reactor operation & maintenance and ageing management – managing reliability issues (commissioning, early operation to end of life related issues); ageing management, modernization, refurbishment, long term operation and life-time extension; maintenance management systems; human resource development and training programmes.

  • Research reactor safety - implementation of updated international safety standards; application of graded approach to regulatory safety requirements; review of national regulatory requirements on safety and of licensing activities; design review and upgrades including associated facilities (spent fuel storage facilities); safety analysis methods and approaches; safety of experiments and experimental devices; safety upgrades based on the safety assessments following the Fukushima Daiichi accident; management of the interface between nuclear safety and security; .

  • Research reactor security – implementation of updated international security recommendations; review of national security regulatory requirements; cyber security standards and facility upgrades; security management; review of emergency and contingency plans; interface security; threat assessment and design basis threat in RR security;

  • Decommissioning and dismantling of research reactors and waste management – strategies and concepts; radiological characterisation; decommissioning planning; economics and cost estimation; licensing; backend solutions for reflector and shielding materials; decontamination and measures to reduce radiation exposure; radiation and environmental protection; treatment, storage and disposal of radioactive waste; logistics and transportation; on-going projects; D&D lessons learned.

Mark your diaries and be a part of it! Upload your abstracts through the RRFM 2018 Abstract Submission System before 17 November 2017.

Authors should submit their abstract text in English through the RRFM 2018 Abstract Submission System by:
17 November 2017

Full paper submission deadline: 2 February 2018

Email ALL correspondence to Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen.

Your paper contribution will be included in the Conference
Proceedings and will be posted on the ENS website: