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pe 15. lokakuuta 2021
ATS YT 3/2021
25 päivää jäljellä
ke 15. joulukuuta 2021
ATS YT 4/2021
86 päivää jäljellä

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Creating a real get-together

This year all our conferences have been cancelled or postponed, but, as promised, we are working with our partners worldwide to make the European Research Reactor Conference from 11. – 15. October 2020 in Helsinki, Finland, a real Gathering of the Research Reactor Community.

We would like to create an event that offers enriched knowledge exchange and networking opportunities. All currently accepted authors of the European Research Reactor Conference will have the opportunity to update and amend their contributions and include new findings and developments.

Over 100 non-industrial organisations call for a just assessment of nuclear energy in the EU Taxonomy of Sustainable Finance. On 24 April 2020, the SNETP Secretariat sent a letter to Vice-presidents of the Commission Frans Timmermans and Valdis Dombrovskis, as well as to the EU Commissioner for Energy, Kadri Simson, calling for a just and timely assessment of nuclear energy in the  EU Taxonomy of Sustainable Finance . The letter, signed by over a hundred European non-industrial organizations, recalls the need to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. To reach that goal, nuclear energy, along with renewables, should be the backbone of a carbon-free European power system. It requests that the decisions to include/exclude nuclear from EU taxonomy must be science and fact based (not political or ideological).

Please read the full letter HERE.

Koronavirusepidemiasta johtuen Suomen Atomiteknillisen Seuran vuosikokous järjestettiin poikkeuksellisesti ainoastaan etäyhteydellä maaliskuun 18. päivänä. Vuosikokouksen osallistujia kirjattiin 16 henkeä, mutta pelkästään puhelimitse osallistuneiden määrää ei voitu varmentaa.

New Date - New Opportunities

We hope you stay safe and well, wherever you are in this world.

Today would have been the first day of our originally scheduled RRFM 2020 conference and we very much regret that we cannot meet in Helsinki now. At the same time we would like to look ahead and organise a get-together of the international research reactor community later this year. We therefore worked with all partners and we have the pleasure informing you that RRFM 2020 will be organised from 11. – 15. October 2020 in Helsinki, Finland.


Aprosia edeltävä simulaattori vuodelta 1978 ja Fortumin Apros-koulutussimulaattori vuodelta 2019.

Tiistaina 5.2. pidettiin jäsentilaisuus aiheella ”Apros-voimalaitossimulaattori”. Aihe ei uusi, mutta tekniikka kehittyy nopeasti ja edellisestä esittelystä ATS:n tilaisuuksissa todettiin olleen jo lähes kymmenen vuotta. Tieteiden talossa järjestettyyn jäsentilaisuuteen ilmoittautui 63 henkeä.