Wednesday 2nd November 2016

Opening session

Greetings from the Government, Director General Riku Huttunen, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (in Finnish) (speech)

Fennovoima's Hanhikivi 1 project, CEO Toni Hemminki, Fennovoima Oy (slides)

Fortum's view of future energy supply, EVP Tiina Tuomela, Fortum Oyj (slides)

Current activities in Olkiluoto, CEO Jarmo Tanhua, TVO Oyj (slides)

Technical session A

Technical session B


Utilization of VTT’s Monte Carlo Code Serpent2 in Validation of Lattice Physics Methods at Westinghouse, Mr. Karol Luszczek, Westinghouse Sweden AB (slides, paper)

Reactivity Control of a Soluble-Boron-Free AP1000 Equilibrium Cycle, Mr. Mohd-Syukri Yahya, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (slides, paper)

Quiver - Transport, Interim Storage and Final Storage of Failed Fuel Rods, Mr. Holger Lapp, Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB (slides)

The Swedish Nuclear Transport System, Marine Transports Manager Anna Wikmark, SKB AB (slides)


Numerical Modelling of Direct Contact Condensation of Steam in BWR Pressure Suppression Pool System, Resarch Student Giteshkumar Patel, Lappeenranta University of Technology (slides, paper)

Full-Scale Testing of Noncondensable Gas Transport in Emergency Piping, Director Damian D. Stefanczyk, Fauske & Associates, LLC (slides)

Acoustic Resonance in Main Steam Line Side Branches, Director Jens Conzen, Fauske & Associates, LLC (slides)

Opportunities for Source Modelling to Support the Seismic Hazard Estimation for NPPs, Research Scientist Vilho Jussila, VTT Oy (slides, paper)


Technical session C

Technical session D

Technical session E

Simplified Transport Modelling of a Disposal System and Doses Using Probabilistic Methods, Design Engineer Pekka Kupiainen, Fortum Power and Heat Oy (slides, paper)

Upscaling Laboratory Data towards In Situ Conditions, Ms. Eveliina Muuri, University of Helsinki (slides, paper)

Managing of Intermediate-Level Waste in the Shadow of Spent Nuclear Fuel, Team Leader Tero Lytsy, Platom Oy (slides) (SYP2016 Best Presentation Award winner)

The Final Decision – Ethical Views on Final Disposal in Finland and Sweden, Dr. Matti Kojo, University of Tampere (slides)

Reliability Analysis of Digital I&C in Nuclear Power Plants, Dr. Jan-Erik Holmberg, Risk Pilot Ab (slides, paper)

Fission Product Behaviour in the Containment, Ms. Anna Nieminen, VTT Oy (slides)

Ex-vessel Steam Explosion Analysis with MC3D, Mr. Magnus Strandberg, VTT Oy (slides)

Radiocarbon Emissions Monitoring Based on Laser Spectroscopy, Mr. Guillaume Genoud, VTT Oy (slides)

Thermochemical Modelling of Nuclear Fuel, Research Scientist Henri Loukusa, VTT Oy (slides, paper)

Triple-Coincidence Positron Lifetime Spectrometer for Nuclear Materials Research, Mr. Janne Heikinheimo, Aalto University (slides, paper)

Novel Instrumentation for Nuclear Safety, Security and Safeguards: the NINS3 Project, Scientist Pauli Peura, Helsinki Institute of Physics (slides, paper)

Role of OECD Nuclear Energy Agency in the Safety Research, Mr. Olli Nevander, OECD/NEA (slides)

Plenary session

British Perspective on Small Modular Reactors, Senior Lecturer Eugene Schwageraus, University of Cambridge (slides)

Making Sense of Nuclear Safety: Insights from the 'Overall Safety Concept' Study, Professor Juhani Hyvärinen, Lappeenranta University of Technology (slides)

Science of Nuclear Materials: from Condensed Matter Physics to Engineering Challenges, Professor Filip Tuomisto, Aalto University (slides)

Fusion in the Footsteps of Fission - from Basic Research to Building Reactors, Senior Scientist Antti Hakola, VTT Oy (slides)

Thursday 3rd November 2016

Plenary session

Olkiluoto 3 commissioning, Project Director Jouni Silvennoinen, TVO Oyj (slides)

Hanhikivi 1 project status, Licensing Manager Janne Liuko, Fennovoima Oy (slides)

FiR TRIGA Mark II Research Reactor Decommissioning, Research Team Leader Petri Kotiluoto, VTT Oy (slides)

Posiva Perspectives in Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel, SVP Tiina Jalonen, Posiva Oy (slides)

Technical session F

Technical session G

Technical session H

Integrated System Level Simulation and Analysis of DEMO with Apros, Design Engineer Sami Kiviluoto, Fortum Power and Heat Oy (slides, paper)

Remote Handling in Fusion and Fission Research and Industry, Principal Scientist Mikko Siuko, VTT Oy (slides)

Neutrons in Fusion Experiments and Reactors, Mr. Jari Varje, Aalto University (slides)

Compact Fusion Reactors, Dr. Tomas Lindén, Helsinki Institute of Physics (slides)

The new VTT Centre for Nuclear Safety, Research Team Leader Wade Karlsen, VTT Oy (slides)

Design and Implementation of Forced Cooling Towers for Loviisa NPP, Design Engineer Antti Teräsvirta, Fortum Power and Heat Oy (slides)

Safety Culture Concept of an Expert Company Platom Oy, Head of Process Modelling Pasi Junninen, Platom Oy (slides)

How to Face Higher Quality Expectations for the Global Nuclear Supply Chain?, Director Stephane Galopin, Bureau Veritas (slides)

Westinghouse TRITON11™ BWR Fuel Design, Mr. Kim Dahlbacka, Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB (slides, paper)

Nuclear New Build – Commercial and Contract Management, Managing Director Brian Allan, QSI Consultancy Group (slides)

Advanced Licensing and Safety Engineering Method - ADLAS®, Mr. Pekka Nuutinen, Fortum Power and Heat Oy (slides, paper)

TVO Reactor Internal Pumps: Improved Design to Achieve 20% Capacity Increase, Marketing Manager Mats Olsson, Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB (slides)

Studia Generalia (in Finnish)

Peesailusta piikkipaikalle: Suomalainen ydinjätehuolto näyttää mallia, Timo Äikäs, Posiva Oy (retired) (slides)

Lämpöydinfuusio - ei skandaalinkäryisiä yrityskauppoja vaan kärytöntä energiaa, Senior Lecturer Taina Kurki-Suonio, Aalto University (slides)