NOTE: List is according to final program of SYP, in some cases the title of the presentation and even name of author in the actual presentation can be different!

Wednesday 30th October 2019

Opening session

Opening of SYP2019, Chairman of the Board Tuomas Rantala, Finnish Nuclear Society (ATS)

Pathway to climate neutrality: the role of nuclear energy, Director General Riku Huttunen, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (slides)

Current activities in Olkiluoto, CEO Jarmo Tanhua, TVO (slides)

Fennovoima's Hanhikivi 1 project, Acting CEO and COO Timo Okkonen, Fennovoima (slides)

Technical session: Plant Operations

Experience utilizing Apros simulator in a renewal with digital I&C, Mr. Mika Heikkilä, Fortum Power and Heat (slides)

Human and Organisational Factors in Perspective, Professor Emeritus Björn Wahlström, Aalto University (slides, paper)

Utilizing Machine Learning in Nuclear Power Plant Lifecycle Management, Expert - Nuclear Engineering Herkko Pirkkalainen, Platom (slides, paper)

I&C accelerated ageing and I&C reengineering, Mr. Markus Hartikainen, Fortum Power and Heat (slides, paper)

Technical session: Fuel and materials

New VTT Hot Cells in Operation, Principal Scientist Wade Karlsen, VTT (slides)

High-Temperature Experimental Techniques for Nuclear Fuel Separate Effect Tests, Research Scientist Janne Heikinheimo, VTT (slides, paper)

Advanced Cladding Materials for Accident Tolerant Fuels, Research Scientist Henri Loukusa, VTT (slides, paper)

Coolant-cladding interaction models in FINIX fuel behaviour module, Mr. Jussi Peltonen, VTT (slides, paper)

Technical session: Decommissioning

Lessons learned during planning and first phases of decommissioning of the Finnish TRIGA FiR 1, Senior Scientist Markus Airila, VTT (slides)

International Decommissioning Planning and Cost Estimating Feedback, Business Development Manager Niklas Bergh, Westinghouse (slides)

Intercalibration Exercise for Difficult-To-Measure Radionuclides in Activated Steel, Dr. Anumaija Leskinen, VTT (slides, paper)

Improvement of Different Analytical Techniques to Characterize Radionuclides Difficult to Measure and Toxics in Nuclear Waste, Dr. Celine Gautier, CEA (slides, paper)

Technical session: Plant operations (cont.)

Surveys of development needs for licensing model of nuclear installations in Finland - Main findings and recommendations, Managing Director Rauno Rintamaa, Clenercon (slides)

PWR Steam Generator Secondary Maintenance Strategy, Mr. Martin Bolander, Westinghouse (slides, paper)

Licensing of NP Projects, experiences in Finland, Business Unit Manager Kirsi Hassinen, Platom (slides)

Radiocarbon field measurements at a nuclear facility with cavity ring-down spectroscopy, MSc. Johannes Lehmuskoski, VTT (slides)

Technical session: Fuel and materials (cont.)

Jules Horowitz Reactor – the Future of European Materials Testing Reactors, Senior Scientist Caitlin Huotilainen, VTT (slides, paper)

Fuel Integrity Under Dry And Wet Storage, Senior Scientist Bernd Jäckel, Paul Scherrer Institut (slides, paper)

Simultaneous Reconstruction of Emission and Attenuation in Passive Gamma Emission Tomography of Spent Nuclear fuel, Professor of Industrial Mathematics Samuli Siltanen, University of Helsinki (slides)

Full-core uncertainty analysis of nuclear fuel behavior, Research Scientist Henri Loukusa, VTT (slides, paper)

Technical session: Decommissioning (cont.)

Activity Characterisation Methods in FiR1 Decommissioning Project, Research Scientist Antti Räty, VTT (slides, paper)

Decommissioning of Loviisa NPP, Design Engineer Ville Oinonen, Fortum Power and Heat (slides)

Digital Twins for Smarter Decommissioning, Manager - Decommissioning Katja Sipilä, Sweco (slides)

Impact of Fuel Type and Discharge Burnup on Spent Fuel Properties, Mr. Pauli Juutilainen, VTT (slides, paper)

Plenary session

How to ensure competence for safe and efficient operations, President of EMEA Operating Plant Services Tarik Choho, Westinghouse (slides)

Lessons Learned from EPR projects, Lessons Learned Project Manager Antoine Billerey, EdF (slides not published)

Nuclear Power in Future Energy Markets, Executive Vice President Tiina Tuomela, Fortum (slides)

Thursday 31st October 2019

Plenary session

Future low-carbon electricity systems and uranium resources, Nuclear Energy Analyst Luminita Grancea, OECD NEA (slides)

Nuclear Technology for Space Settlements and Exploration, CEO/Director Paulo Venneri, USNC (slides)

Development, manufacturing and installation for irradiation the experimental nuclear fuel rods of accident tolerant fuel into MIR reactor, Chief Specialist Andrey Malgin, A.A. Bochvar Institute (slides)

Technical session: Waste

Development of gasification based thermal treatment of LILW, Mr. Matti Nieminen, VTT (slides)

Constructing the world’s first final disposal facility for spent fuel in Olkiluoto, Finland, Ms. Tiina Jalonen, Posiva (slides)

MIND - Development of the Safety Case Knowledge Base about the Influence of Microbial Processes on Geological Disposal of Radioactive Wastes, Prof. Markus Olin, VTT (slides)

PREDIS - Pre-disposal management of radioactive waste, Ms. Erika Holt, VTT (slides)

Technical session: SMRs

ELSMOR - towards Licensing European Small Modular Reactors, Dr. Ville Tulkki, VTT (slides)

The Possible Role of Modular Nuclear Reactors in District Heating – Case Helsinki Region, Sales Support Engineer Konsta Värri, Fortum (slides, paper)

Flexible nuclear co-generation as a heat supply for district heating, Mr. Miika Rämä, VTT (slides)

Reactor Core Conceptual Design for a Small Modular LUT Heat Experimental Reactor, Junior Research Assistant Thinh Truong, LUT University (slides, paper)

Technical session: Science

Voluntary Radiation Measurement Team, Section Head - Radiation Protection Jukka Sovijärvi, STUK (slides)

Independent Fission Yield Studies at the JYFL Accelerator Laboratory, Dr. Heikki Penttilä, University of Jyväskylä (slides, paper)

Nuclear Data activities in EURATOM FP7, Dr. Heikki Penttilä, University of Jyväskylä (slides)

Cevidra cream, a cleansing emulsion for external radionuclides contaminations, Mr. Alexis Finet, Laboratoire Cevidra (slides)

Technical session: Waste (cont.)

Loviisa NPP solidification plant - Journey from pre-design to full-scale operation, Manager of solidification plant Ilkka Ropponen, Fortum Power and Heat (slides)

The safety case for Loviisa LILW repository 2018, Mr. Olli Nummi, Fortum Power and Heat (slides)

Dissolution of spent nuclear fuel - Results from completed EU-project REDUPP and ongoing project DISCO, Dr. Emmi Myllykylä, VTT (slides)

EURAD HITEC: Influence of temperature on the behaviour of clay-based material, Prof. Markus Olin, VTT (slides)

Technical session: SMRs (cont.)

High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactors in a European Electricity Supply Environment - Main Outcomes of a Project in PSI, Dr. Jarmo Kalilainen, Paul Scherrer Institut (slides, paper)

Achieving 33GWe annual newbuild with startup model and financing, CEO Kalev Kallemets, Fermi Energia (slides)

Gemini+, Manager - Growth projects Riitta Stahl, Fortum Power and Heat (slides not published)

Technical session: Science (cont.)

Constructing a Farnsworth-Hirsch fusor for neutron generation, Dr. Tomas Linden, Helsinki Institute of Physics (slides)

Comparison of Calculation Codes in Radiation Detector Placement and Performance Analysis, Radiation Safety Engineer Daniel Kaartinen, Fortum Power and Heat (slides, paper)

Kraken - The upcoming Finnish reactor analysis framework, Dr. Ville Valtavirta, VTT (slides)

Evaluating the fulfilment of control rod related nuclear design bases for an SMR core using the Kraken computational framework, Ms. Unna Lauranto, VTT (slides, paper)