NOTE: List is according to final program of SYP, in some cases the title of the presentation and even name of author in the actual presentation can be different!

Tuesday 1st November 2022

Opening session

Opening of SYP2022, Chairman of the Board Markus Airila, Finnish Nuclear Society (ATS)

Greetings from the Government, Director General Riku Huttunen, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment

The future energy system – how to make it work?, Senior Vice President Jussi Jyrinsalo, Fingrid (slides)

Lessons Learnt from a New Build Project OL3, CEO Jarmo Tanhua, TVO

Technical session: Small Modular Reactors in Society

Investments in Nuclear Heating in Helsinki Metropolitan Area During Volatile Energy Markets, Esa Pursinheimo, VTT (slides, paper)

A Small Modular Reactor next door? The opinions of the Finnish-speaking residents of the Helsinki metropolitan area to the distance from a possible SMR unit, Matti Kojo, LUT

Prospects of electricity and heat-only SMRs in the Baltic RegionTomi Lindroos, VTT (slides, paper )

Technical session: Nuclear Fuel and Materials 1

Additive Manufacturing in Fuel Fabrication, Uffe Bergmann, Westinghouse (slides)

European collaboration on nuclear fuel behavioural analyses under EU-OperaHPC, Janne Heikinheimo, VTT (slides)

Implementation and Validation of MOX Fuel Models in FINIX, Valtteri Turkki, VTT (slides, paper)

Technical session: Fusion Technology

Nuclear Technology Activities under ECO-Fusion Project – What is Needed to Design a Fusion Power Plant? Antti Hakola, VTT (slides, paper)

Privately funded fusion research status and fusion regulation, Tomas Lindén, Helsinki Institute of Physics (slides)

Design-Phase Probabilistic Risk Assessment for the International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility, Tero Tyrväinen, VTT (slides, paper)

Plenary session

Fortum – strong in nuclear, Executive Vice President Simon-Erik Ollus, Fortum Oyj (slides)

ONKALO® – the First in the World, Senior Vice President Tiina Jalonen, Posiva Oy

Thermohydraulics as Science and Its Significance for the Safety and Availability of Nuclear Power, Professor of Modelling in Nuclear Engineering and Head of Energy Technology Department, Juhani Hyvärinen, LUT University

Technical session: Small Modular Reactor Projects

EcoSMR - Ecosystem for Small Modular Reactors, Silja Häkkinen, VTT (slides, paper)

From SMRs R&D to Nuclear newbuild feasibility study, Antti Rantakaulio & Laurent Leveugle, Fortum (slides)

SMR Experiments with the MOTEL Test Facility within the Euratom Project McSAFER, Joonas Telkkä, LUT (slides, paper)

Station Blackout Transient Analyses for VTT's SMR Design LDR-50, Rebekka Komu, VTT (slides, paper)

Technical session: From Early Days to Distant Future

The prelude to the Finnish nuclear technology effortMarkus Ahlskog, University of Jyväskylä (slides)

Nuclear Safety and How it is Ensured, Pasi Junninen, Platom (slides)

Post-closure related responsibilities and plans of license holders and authorities in Finland on knowledge and awareness, Timothy Schatz, VTT (slides)

Forgetting the nuclear waste repository for good as the Finnish approach? Petri Paju, University of Turku (slides)

Technical session: Neutronics

Serpent2 neutronics calculations for a HELIAS fusion reactorAntti Snicker, Aalto University (slides, paper)

Ongoing Serpent 2 neutronics studies of Jules Horowitz Reactor, Jussi Peltonen, VTT (slides, paper)

Neutronics for DEMO Fusion Power Plant: Serpent2 Modelling of 14.1 MeV Neutrons in Reactor Mock-Up Components, Lucia Sanchis, Aalto University (slides, paper)

Verification of Ants time-dependent nodal neutronics model, Unna Lauranto, VTT (slides)

Wednesday 2nd November 2022

Plenary session

Small Modular Reactors: A new nuclear energy paradigm - How the IAEA is supporting creation of an enabling environment and technology development and deployment, Head of the Nuclear Power Technology Development Section Stefano Monti, International Atomic Energy Agency (slides)

Supply Chain Challenges and Opportunities for Advanced Reactors, Senior Technical Executive Marc Tannenbaum, Electric Power Research Institute (slides)

Price stability to Baltic power customers with SMRs, CEO Kalev Kallemets, Fermi Energia (slides)

Technical session: International Collaborations

WANO - Our window to nuclear world, Klaus Sjöblom, Fortum (slides)

ELSMOR – towards European Licensing of Small Modular Reactors, Ville Tulkki, VTT (slides)

The Nuclear Futures Institute and the THOR rig in North Wales, UK, Marcus Dahlfors, TVO (slides)

Technical session: Nuclear Fuel and Materials 2

Procurement of a New A-type Transport Cask for Radioactive Structural Materials, Wade Karlsen, VTT (paper)

Re-Evaluation of Cladding Failure Criterion in LOCA within the R2CA EU H2020 Project, Brahim Dif, VTT (slides)

Development and First Results of a New Finite Element-Based Fuel Temperature Solver for High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactors, Markus Hirvensalo, VTT

Technical session: Decommissioning and Nuclear Waste Management – Key to Sustainability 1

The dECOmm Co-Innovation Project Joins Finnish Nuclear Decommissioning Competences for International Market Needs, Olli Soppela, VTT (slides)

Improved hot-particle detection and isotope separation with real-time autoradiography, Joyce Ang, University of Helsinki (slides)

Robotics in Decom - Research of Robotic Installation Suitable for Clearance Measurements of Nuclear Facilities, Jesse Lavonen, Fortum (slides, paper)

Technical session: Spent Fuel Management

Sorption of radium on crystalline rocks in various reference groundwater conditions; sorption modeling study, Otto Fabritius, University of Helsinki (slides)

Recent spent fuel research at VTT, Silja Häkkinen, VTT (slides)

Technical session: Safety Analyses

Kraken in 2022 – An update on the new Finnish reactor analysis framework, Ville Valtavirta, VTT (slides)

Comprehensive Aircraft Impact Assessment at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Ari Vepsä, VTT (slides)

Technical session: Decommissioning and Nuclear Waste Management – Key to Sustainability 2

Sr behaviour in Flow-Through Columns Representative of Near-Surface Disposal of Very Low Level Radioactive Wastes, Gianni Vettese, University of Helsinki (slides)

Scaling Factor Formation of FiR1 Decommissioning Waste, Antti Räty, VTT (slides, paper)

Technical session and closing

How to Lead the Owner's Nuclear New-Build Program? Timo Okkonen, KIND Atom (slides)

LDR-50 District Heating Reactor TechnologyJaakko Leppänen, VTT (slides)

Innovating where it's most needed: DeliveryTuomo Huttunen, Rolls-Royce SMR